Sunday, 15 October 2017

Revealing Facts about India’s Freedom Struggle

New Book:
Revealing Facts
India’s Freedom Struggle
Notable Personalities & Interesting Timelines

“I see it as clearly as I see my finger: British are leaving not because of any strength on our part but because of historical conditions and for many other reasons.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

And, the “historical conditions and other reasons” were not of the Congress/Gandhi’s making—they were despite them.
This book presents a comprehensive view of all the main groups and individuals associated with the Indian Freedom Movement right since the late nineteenth century: Political Parties, Revolutionary Groups, INA, Revolutionaries, Gandhians, and Non-Gandhians.
Particular of the prominent Muslim leaders, Britishers, and Governor Generals are also included.
‘Relevant International Timelines’ includes prominent international timelines relevant from the Indian angle.
The mega chapter ‘Interesting Indian Timelines’ chronologically covers all timelines, events, and developments relevant to the Freedom Movement right since 1600 CE.
The last chapter ‘What Really Led to Freedom & Partition’ summarises the REAL reasons behind the Freedom, Partition, and Pakistan

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Rajnikant Puranik
October 16, 2015

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